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Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox

Wind River Helps Fuji Xerox Stay Competitive

Leader in document management systems cuts time-to-market with Wind River Simics

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“Time-to-market is critical in our business. The faster turnaround times we expect with Simics will give us even more of a competitive advantage in this market.”

—Fuji Xerox Co. ,Ltd.


Fuji Xerox, a joint venture between its two namesake corporate parents, has grown into one of Asia’s leading players in document management systems. To stay competitive, Fuji Xerox needed to find ways to accelerate time-to-market, cut the total cost of ownership of its products, and make them more energy efficient. The company realized that it needed a solution to help it be more efficient in development and manage risk.


Having used Wind River® products and services successfully for over a decade, Fuji Xerox selected Wind River Simics®, a comprehensive software development simulation solution that allows design and development to take place on a virtual platform that simulates the target hardware design, without the need for physical hardware.


Fuji Xerox was able to significantly reduce development time by starting development several months prior to the hardware being available. Simics has allowed the Fuji Xerox team to debug, test, and start integration phases much earlier in the lifecycle, where it is most cost-effective to fix and change design. This has transformed their development and helped them reduce risk.